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Wanderlust & Travel

What a crazy, beautiful and simply incredible planet we live on. Based in Iowa, I have explored as much of this world as possible. Please feel free to browse the page to see memories from my various photographic adventures. As an aspiring adventure photographer, I'm alway up for spontaneous and crazy adventures, especially those that require one to be up before the break of dawn and back after dusk. 

I've been fortunate to spend time as much time as I can in the mountains, hiking, backpacking and dreaming of my next adventure. The achievement of reaching the summit, the epic views along the way, the feeling of weightlessness, the sense of awe as you are immersed amongst the wilderness. The mountains have the ability to conjure up our most primal emotions and feelings. If you are anything like me, it’s always wonderful to escape the rat race and get back to nature. It’s here, I feel the most at peace.

If you're headed to a beautiful destination, hit us up! We'd love to capture your photos wherever you are/go around the globe.

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